Executive Board


  • The executive board shall be elected biennially by the full and life members. 
  • To stand for election to the executive board a candidate must have been a full member or a life member for at least a period of 2 years.
  • The candidate must consent to being nominated in writing.
  • The term of office for executive boards members shall be 2 years, a member may be nominated for 2 consecutive terms
  • The member may be nominated for other positions on the executive board after their term is complete
  • If after 2 consecutive terms there is no other candidate the executive board may vote if further terms are considered for the same member to be nominated for the same position
  • In the case that a position becomes vacant in the middle of any term the executive board members shall vote to nominate and accept a member into the position until the term is complete


Members nominated for election to the executive board must:

  • Have a nationally of internationally recognized qualification in stoma/enterostomal therapy
  • Must be a practicing stoma/enterostomal therapist
  • Have been full or life time member for a minimum of two years
  • Have attended a general meeting of the ET Chapter
  • Be present when elections take place and during the subsequent terms of office
  • Assume office immediately following the general meeting


  • The executive board shall manage the affairs of the ET Chapter
  • The executive board shall meet at least biennially
  • All decisions made by the executive board shall be presented electronically or at general meetings
  • All decisions regarding finances related to the ET Chapter will be made and agreed by the executive board



  • Serve as the chairperson at executive and general meetings
  • Appoint to any executive board positions with the approval of the executive board
  • Appoint any temporary or permanent positions deemed necessary with the approval of the executive board
  • Serve as a member of any subcommittee or task force of the ET Chapter
  • Perform other duties specific to the welfare of the ET Chapter
  • Report on the activities of the ET Chapter to the Saudi Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery and at the general meeting
  • Be the spokesperson for the ET Chapter


  • Perform all duties as mentioned above in the absence of the chairperson
  • Assume the office of the Chairperson in the case that the chairperson cannot complete a term


  • Shall be responsible for recording and disseminating the proceedings of all Et Chapter meetings


  • Shall care for all Et Chapter finances and records
  • Shall prepare statements and reports for dissemination at meetings



  • Resignation of his/her position in writing to the Chair of the ET Chapter
  • In the case of unsatisfactory performance the executive board may vote to remove a member from office after a hearing that the member may attend and present a defense. Documentation must be kept on file.
  • Death


The executive board must have a minimum of 4 members but not more than 8. A quorum will be no less than ¾ of the members. 


The first day of the financial year will be the first of April of each year.