Founding Members

The Saudi Chapter of Enterostomal Therapy was established as a chapter of the Saudi Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery in June 2011. It was established in order to improve the standards of care and the lives of patients by promoting Enterostomal Therapy Nursing as a profession within the region.

The Founding members are:

- Denise Hibbert - Chair

- Julie Balens

- Fatimah AlJhadder

- Rehab AlDossary 

- Noha Baeshen

- Essiyah Abbass

- Prof. Nasser ALSanea




A full member will be a licensed health care professional who works with or has an interest in caring for people with stomas, draining wounds, fistula or incontinence. A full member may make motions and vote plus all other privileges of membership.

A full member who has a nationally or internationally recognized qualification in stoma/enterostomal therapy may hold executive positions on the board. 



An associate member will be any individual who supports the mission and objectives of the Enterostomal Therapy Society of Saudi Arabia but doesn’t meet the full membership criteria. An associate member cannot make motions, vote or hold an executive position on the board. 



A life member shall be a full member who has shown distinction and eminence in the field of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing. The member must be shall be recommended and approved by the executive board. A life member shall not at any time now or in the future pay membership fees but will have all of the privileges of a full membership.