Preimplantation genetic diagnosis program (PGD)

The people of Saudi Arabia are renowned for their strong faith in God, religious rituals and their strong family commitment, which is urged by the Islamic religion. This family bonding has led to a high

Colostomy Irrigation Why are you not irrigating?

Recently MBC Arab TV and Radio highlighted colorectal cancer awareness and screening. I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to explain the importance of Stoma Therapists and what they

Colostomy Irrigation Why are you not irrigating?

It is reported by ostomates that colostomy irrigation improves quality of life by giving back more control of bowel habits and so more freedom to live a normal life. At the KFSH&RC we offer colostomy

Launch of the Saudi Clinical Guidelines for screening for colorectal cancer Link to the guidelines

asser Alsanea,a* Majid A. Almadi,b* Alaa S. Abduljabbar,c Samar Alhomoud,c Taghreed A. Alshaban,d Abdullah Alsuhaibani,e Ahmad Alzahrani,e Faisal Batwa,f Abdul-Hameed

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